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That’s not even close to the $54,394 listed by’s 2014 Cost vs. Value report for a midrange kitchen remodel in Denver. An upscale kitchen? Figure $109,127. Learn about how to approach a kitchen design and : remodeling project by downloadingThe Definitive Guide to Kitchen Design Remodeling Success. For , those looking to remodel their kitchen within a tight budget there are several options including using an inexpensive countertop material like butcher block, refacing existing cabinets, adding new paint to existing cabinets, replacing existing floors with a laminate or other affordable material. And a fresh paint job can do wonders to refresh a kitchen. Using particleboard instead of plywood where it won’t be seen, doing the demolition of the kitchen yourself and other money-savers can help you get the kitchen of your dreams but without going into debt to do it.remodeled kitchens on a budgetPro-Tip: When it comes to kitchen island lights, it’s important to pick the right size pendants for your island and overall kitchen space. Once you’ve chosen your pendants, you’ll also want to make sure the wire , is at the right height for your ceilings 8211 if you need help adjusting this, call an , electrical professional to have it done properly. One of the quickest ways to update your kitchen is to install a new kitchen backsplash. Whether you opt for fresh light traditional tiles, beautiful marble or stone backsplashes, or re-do the existing design, an updated kitchen backsplash adds new life to any outdated kitchen. If your budget only allows for one update, a new kitchen backsplash may be exactly what your new kitchen makeover needs. If your cabinets are in good shape, painting them a more modern color, can change the whole look of your kitchen! I did this in my own kitchenand the difference was amazing. Painting the cabinets gave my kitchen new life and a brand new look. Be sure to check out myhow to paint cabinets tutorial for all the step-by-step instructions.complete kitchen remodelsDIY Kitchen Update: Painting Kitchen Cabinets Your kitchen is beautiful 8211 and other than that small amount of chipping those white cabinets have held up wonderfully. I also painted my kitchen cabinets , a couple years ago. i used a chalk paint with a sealer. They are showing a bit of wear around some of the handles, but I think thats to be expected. I would definitely paint again. It was a fairly low cost, albeit time consuming job, but the difference that it made to the kitchen was absolutely worth it! If the cabinets are damaged in any way, such as chipped, cracked, or warped, painting them will only make these defects stand out more. The second method is brush and roll. This method can be significantly cheaper, while still giving you great results. With this method, the cabinets are also carefully removed and taken to an offsite facility. When applying the paint, our painters will carefully roll and brush the paint onto the cabinets, ensuring a smooth finish. While brush and roll might not guarantee a finish that is as smooth as what you’ll get with spraying, it can give you a great look if you’re on a budget. """""""""



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