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Matcha Heaven

The last few months we can see the famous Matcha tea everywhere!

I really love green tea (I drink it everyday) so I thought I would test it!

Apparently, drinking one cup of Matcha tea has the same benefits as 10 cups of regular Green tea!! (Wauw!!)

But first what is it?

It is fine powder of Green tea that is specially grown and processed.

Here some benefits of Matcha Tea:

  • It's full of antioxidants, helps prevention of diseases.

  • It boost the metabolism and helps to lose weight

  • It has an calming effect on the body and the mind

  • Contains a lot of vitamins: C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium


So from now on, I try to drink it every morning with almond/rice milk!

Soooooo delicious!

The only things you need:

  1. A Beautiful cup

  2. Organic Matcha

  3. Almond/Rice Milk

Frech Home made Matcha Latte

Almond/Rice Milk & Organic Matcha


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