Great Gin & Tonic Spot

Hmmmm, who isn't up for a good drink??

Well, finding great spots to drink something in Brussels isn’t difficult. But to find a really really good spot with amazing Gin & Tonics, that isn’t easy!

Well, DE HAUSE in Ixelles is the place to be!

The bar is really fancy and unique! Those boxes on the ceiling and the light bulbs definitely make quite the difference!

You can choose between different Gins, dry, floral or complex gin! And if you're not a gin person, they have local beers, cocktails, wine and spirits! They also made a list with a ton of gintos they created, if you can’t choose (like me) ask the bartender to help you out!

We’ve all chosen different gintos so we could share a bit! I took one with Elderflower, it was sooooo delicious! (I love love love everything with elderflower, it’s such fresh and floral taste!).

Other ideas to get a drink:

- Belga Café

- Noir Wine Bar

- Greenlab

- Delirium Café



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