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About Food

Over 6 years ago I’ve chosen to change my eating patterns. Just because I was curious about other habits!

So I decided to become a vegetarian. I looked up why it would be better or maybe not!

From that moment on, I have felt very passionate about this lifestyle because I discovered so many good and interesting things.

It’s not only about saving animals but also about how important it is for the body AND the mind.

Having a plant-based diet increases the body’s metabolism which causes a calorie burn that is 16% faster than a meat-based diet. But it also prevents cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer!!

In fruit and vegetables you can find a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins which improves the skin glow and your health.

A lot of studies have already shown the benefits of the body of becoming vegetarian/vegan!

Benefits of Vegan

Health effects

Alongside the healthy fact, we also have the environmental advantage of being vegetarian/vegan. With the climate change I think this is something we should think about!

Being a vegetarian is not only a lifestyle but it’s also a mindset. That is something that is really important for me! Not just following the new trends but creating your own positive idea and actions to change the world little by little and to have more green and healthy lives.

I found some amazing articles that inspired me:

Why Go Veg?

Spiritual Benefits

PS: This is my point of view! Please share yours or tell me what you think about it!



Of Greens

by Marie


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