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Motivation friday!

July 14, 2017


My favorite SPORT aPPS









To end this week well, I will share you the best sport apps, to keep sporty or just to start the weekend in a sporty way !

I will explain you short my first 3 all-time favorites:


  • My favorite is Kayla SWEAT app. This app is really well established. Every exercise is well explained and they show how to do the exercise in the right way. I have to admit that the bikini body guide of Kayla isn’t easy at all, the Instagram transformation posts are incredible and they sell dreams. Everybody thinks it’s easy to hold on for 12 weeks, but that isn’t the case! Perseveration and full-time motivation is needed. The 27 minutes are like eternity once you begin, haha!  Once you’re done you feel accomplished and proud, that’s what why we do it, and for the results also of course! I’ve done the Bikini body guide for 3 times 12 weeks, I saw the progress really fast, but it fades away really fast also, haha, unfortunately. Another good thing on this app, is that Kayla shows you how much you have to drink, you have an eat plan and you can also schedule your work outs! A bummer to this app is that you have to pay for it!

  • My second is, NIKE + TRAINING. This app is really handy. You can use it wherever you want, because you can choose the equipment you have, the duration and your aim (mobility, strength or resistance). They explain very good how to do every exercise, I love the little voice that motivates you during the work out! This app is a must have and the best thing is that it’s free!

  • Third one is POP SUGAR ACTIVE, in the beginning I didn’t know they had an app. First I followed them on their website. The app is really nice, you can find work outs, yoga and just post that explain things about health, sport and other nice stuff to know! I use it for the yoga exercises, they are very good explained!


I have to say that all the motivation and preservation is in the head! The exercises aren’t always that difficult for those who are trained, of course. For those who aren’t really trained, I suggest to start really slow. Stay focused on your goals and try to stay motivated (check out other blog post).

I’ve done the Bikini body guide for 3 times 12 weeks, I saw the progress really fast, but it fades away really fast also, haha, unfortunately.

My advice to stay fit is to make it a routine, to plan your work outs every week. You will see, it will become a habit!


You want to be helped with some exercices at home or in the gym è Conact me!


You still have questions? Don’t hesitate and contact me! 





Of Greens 

by Marie 




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