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The New Fitbit Blaze

Helloooo everyone,

After the great apps I showed you, it’s always easy to have a sport watch that keeps track of your activities.

I think these watches are amazing. I have the Fitbit and I’m so happy with it!

The Fitbit is connected with your phone so you can follow the number of steps you’ve already done, the km and the heart rate!

The Fitbit is able to track many different sports: running, biking, weight training, treadmill running, elliptical sport, and any other type of workout. You can choose them in function of your preferences, so handy! And you don’t even have to tell the Fitbit you’re doing the sport, it recognizes automatically which exercise you are doing!! How cool is that??

The Fitbit is also very motivating. After a day at work, without any steps done, you just want to move and reach those 10.000 steps! The tracking on the phone is also really helpful to see your progress and to keep the drive and ambition to reach your goals!

But the watch is just easy to wear to do sports but also to go to work or to get a coffee!

Any questions about this cool watch? Hit me up!



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