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How to Matcha Latte

Matcha time

Matcha has been a hype for quite a long time now. The most difficult part of making a good matcha is the powder.

Because of it's popularity we can find a lot of brands that proposes a lot of different matcha powders.

For me this powder of Biotona is one of the best.

Today I will explain you how to make the perfect Matcha Latte

What you need:

  • Matcha powder Biotona

  • Plant based milk , I used Almond Chia milk

  • Hot water

  • Cinnamon

How I make it:

  • First boil some water at MAX 70 degrees. The hot water (boiled over 70°C) will cut down the benefits of the green tea powder.

  • Secondly, mix the hot water with 1 teaspoon of Biotona matcha powder. Mix with a wooden fouet. It's better to use wooden kitchen accessories because the metal will break down the benefits

  • If you like it more like tea you can simply add more water. I like it more as a Latte, with a lot of milk, so then you add as much milk as you want.

  • So put some plant based milk into a milk foamer and wait until ready

  • Add the foamed milk to the matcha-water mix

  • Top with some cinnamon

  • To sweeten you can add some agave, rice or date sirup. Try to avoid refined sugars because it also breaks down the benefits of the green tea.

Check out the benefits of Matcha in my other Blog Post!

And tadaaaaa your milky green tea is ready to be enjoyed.

Check out the benefits of Matcha in my other Blog Post!

Lots of love

and kisses,



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