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NEW IN : NIKE Sport Outfits

Hi lovely Muse of Greens followers,

Summer is slowly coming in... So I will present you my 2 favorite Nike outfits!

Most of the time I buy sport clothes from Nike because I think they are the best. They are very comfortable and they are lasting, you can keep them for ages! 

Next to the fact that I love buying new sport clothes all the time, I don't always find the time, the desire and the right store to chose an outfit. When trying to find the right outfit in between people in a crowded store I often end up not finding what I was looking for... I think everybody has experienced this at least once before?

Well, that's why I believe online shopping is so amazing! And it is even better when your items are delivered the next day! Two things that make my day! 

I've got good news, because De Bijenkorf has an online webshop (for Belgium also!!) were you can find all the sportsbrands you want & delivered the next day!! HEAVEN

Excited as I am ? Check it out : de Bijenkorf België Online

First Outfit: 

NikeTherma Run Top , Size S

NikePower Epic Run legging with stripes, Size S 

Second Outfit: 

Pro Swoosh Sport BH, Size S

NikePro Legging, Size S 

 Sooooo get your workout started!!! 

 ----- Need a work out in Brussels? -----

I give workout classes on Tuesday & Friday!! Check out my blogpost or Contact me! 

Have a nice day,

xoxo Marie 


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