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Old School Filtered Coffee

Nowadays we are all used to drinking our coffees espresso style. We press a button, and our coffee is ready! That's definitely a quick way to make your coffees.. however the true coffee lovers know that to have high quality coffee there is a better way: Old school, slow filtered coffee!

Melitta is known since 1908 for the filters. That year the woman of mister Bentz, Melitta, was sick of the bad thick coffee. So she took a can and perforated some holls in it, took a piece of paper and cut it in a round. She put grounded coffee on the paper and poured some hot water on it. The coffee filter was born. The thick desgusting coffee was forever gone thanks to this filter.

That year in december the Bentz family started the coffeefilter company MELITTA. Until today Melitta is the one of the biggest coffee filter companies in the world.

Here's how you can make your own slow filtered coffee:

  • Boil filtered water up to 100°C

  • Prepare your filter - Put a coffee filter in the filter-holder, and slightly wet the filter with hot water

  • Put the coffee in the filter. 1 spoon per cup of coffee you would like to prepare.

  • Place the filter holder above your cup / coffee can. Gently poor the water through the filter while making small circles

At Melitta you even have a 'double cup' filter-holder which allowes you to immediately poor two cups of coffee at once. That's so handy!

Hope you will rediscover slow coffee! It's so much better of taste!!

Have a nice day!

Xoxo Marie


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