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The new Fitbit© Versa

A sporty spice like me needs a sportwatch!!

I've always been a big fan of Fitbit because of its design and because of its ease of use.

I mainly use my Fitbit to count my steps, when I go for a run and when I do a work out.

Getting track of my steps during the day is sooooo motivating! I've got a job where I'm behind my computer & usually don't move a lot during the day. On days where I haven't done much exercise the Fitbit motivates me to do more steps in the evening in order to reach the 10 000 steps goal! Typically it encourages me to go for a walk in the evening, which is great because it's so nice to get some fresh air!

The main upgrades of the Fitbit Versa are the following:

  • The design of the Versa is a little different compared to the Blaze. If you want to personalise your design you can still change the bracelets. That's one of the things I LOVE about fitbit. I usually buy my other bracelets on They have a lot of brands that provide bracelets for the Fitbit Versa.

  • On top of the design upgrade, the Fitbit Versa also has better & more sophisticated links with other applications. Through the Fitbit app on your phone you can add other apps on your Fitbit. I've added Spotify, the best thing ever when I go running. You can change the songs - volume & playlists through your watch, amazing right?

  • You can also track your hormonal cyclus with the app on your phone. Very handy to check when your period will arrive & how you felt the month before. (That's something the Fitbit blaze didn't have!)

  • I also love that you can connect with other Fitbit users and see what how they progress and how many steps they have done! Great way to motivate & challenge each other to be more active!

  • The Fitbit app on your phone is amazing! You can track every exercise you do, your average heartbeat , the distance of the run, the calorie burn, the time,...

I highly really recommend this sportwatch if you want to be motivated to move more, to track your workouts, to become fitter or just because you like the design ;).

Lots of kisses,



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