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What to give for Christmas? Sporty & healthy version

Almost Christmas & New Year !!

It's always a problem to find cool stuff to give to friends and family for the end-of-year celebrations...

So, I thought it would be cool & interesting to give you inspiration for your gifts... But in a sporty and healthy version!

Gifts are from 5€ to 500€.

Here you have 5 great tips :

  1. A Garmin Forerunner® 645 Music

The perfect gift for the sporty spices ! It's a very detailed watch that tracks all your sport exercices, going from simple cardio exercises to biking and even swimming! The Forerunner® 645 Music is even more special because you can add music on your watch and connect directly to your headphones! No need for a phone connection. Another amazing feature of the watch is the sleep and stress tracking which allows you to analyse your sleep and measure when your stress level is too high. The perfect gift to stay fit and improve your exercices. => PRICE : 449,99€ BUY HERE

  1. IRO Matcha Who isn't a big fan of Matcha these days? It's the perfect gift for that one friend or family member to give them high quality Matcha to surprise them. IRO Matcha is 100% organic and 100% Japanese. Check out how to make the perfect Matcha Latte here. => PRICE : 39,99€ BUY HERE

  1. PURE BY LUCE Always a good idea to give good work out clothes! It's motivating & Pure By Luce is a belgian and sustainable brand & is inspired by beautiful and diverse South Africa. => PRICE : 59€ - 89€, get 15% off with the CODE : MUSEOFGREENS BUY HERE

  1. Gr'Eat Granola Nothing better than a good breakfast with healthy granola filled with delicious ingredients & made in Belgium. That's what Great Granola is all about. Next to the sweet granola they also have a salty one, perfect for in salads, soup or on an avocado toast. => PRICE : 6,50€ for 300g BUY HERE

  1. 10 sweat sessions card at Muse of Greens Want to motivate your friends or family members with 10 sweaty sessions with Muse of Greens? Yes that's me! We will sweat together for 1 hour and work on that booty and cardio ! => PRICE : 100€ ASK ME for more information :

Hope you are inspired for some cool gifts!! Let me know what you think about it!

Lot's of love,



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