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Workout outfit inspiration

Nothing more motivating to get up and go running, cycling or join my workouts than to put your smiling booties into some new stylish workout gear. That is why I would like to share some of my favorite brands with you!

You might have experienced blisters, chafing or discomfort caused by less qualitative material, but this excuse to not work out is gone with these brands! It is important to look for soft fabrics, breathable material and flexible stretch to enjoy your workout.

Below brands are not only super comfortable, but their stylish sportswear will also make faces turn on the street, keeping social distancing in mind of course.

Muse of Greens Fitspiration :

Pure by Luce

Pure by Luce is a travel-inspired, good karma apparel line for the sporty, conscious and sophisticated woman. It was created by Loes Vandekerkhove, a young dynamic Belgian girl from Antwerp who recently moved to Berlin.

Pure By Luce works together with local talent from many different countries to create prints that take you on exotic and feelgood journeys. The first collection is inspired on exotic and alluring Mexico. For the second collection, the inspiration came straight from South Africa.

The sportswear fits like a second skin and is very comfortable for a yoga session or a #MuseOfSweat workout!

Use my discount code: Museofgreens



Stronger is a Swedish brand that designs workout clothes for women. The company was founded in 2013.

Their inspiration for the different designs comes from nature and colors that give us energy and strength. I love their different sets but also their perfect cropped hoodie with a stylish pair of pants and the matching sportsbra. Besides their amazing colored basics they also have different printed tropical sets.

"We don’t make clothes for strong women; we create clothes so all women can be stronger than they were yesterday."

Use my code "MARIEX20" and get 20% discount. (Available until 28.04)



I'm in love with this amazing stylish Belgian brand. You might have seen me on quite a few #MuseOfSweat-sessions wearing RectoVerso's tights, tops and sweaters.

Camille Liebaert is a young female entrepreneur who started this sportswear brand only a year ago and has recently launched her second collection. RectoVerso is super comfortable and made out of great quality fabric, whilst at the same time having fresh and original designs. As a RectoVerso ambassador, I can say that this is my top favorite brand to wear. Compliments on your style guaranteed with RectoVerso!



Gymshark has been created to make you look great, feel fantastic and perform at your best. Their aim is to make you feel as confident, comfortable and supported as you can. You will find anything you are looking for, going from running pants to an outfit for a home workout or even relaxed home wear. While shopping you can find items by category, by sports type or by collection.


I hope you are finding the perfect workout gear!

See you soon,




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