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Healthy Habits

Hiiii all,

Today we will talk about healthy habits! Summer is around the corner and we want our skin to be sun ready and our bodies also of course!

5 tips for a healthier life :


The best thing to do in the morning to start your day is to drink hot lemon water with ginger. I love to put some ginger in it to give it an extra flavor but also for its benefits.

Benefits of Lemon water :

  • Source of Vitamine C

  • Maintains the pH levels in your body

  • Flush out toxins

  • Aids for digestion

  • Strengthen your liver

Benefits Ginger:

  • Improve the blood circulation

  • Helps to regulate blood sugar

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain

  • Improves brain function

  • Eases inflammation

  • Better digestion


Never heard about dry brushing? Well, I will explain to you why you should start right now!

Dry brushing stimulates blood circulation in your whole body. Better blood circulation is important because it will improve:

- The lymphatic support, our vessels are just underneath our skin, the dry brushing will help stimulate the lymph flow and will detoxify itself.

- Exfoliation: The brush will remove all the dead cells on our body and will leave the skin smooth and soft

- Anti-Cellulite: Thanks to better blood circulation, dry brushing will reduce cellulite in the body

Which brush to use?

I bought mine at DI. You can choose, a brush or a glove.

How to do it?

The best way to dry brush is to brush in the direction of the heart. So try to brush upwards when brushing the legs and belly and downwards when brushing the neck and neckline.


Using natural hair and body care is not only great for your body but also for the environment.

I love the Urtekram hair and body products because they have a lot of different aromas that are made of natural scents, Coconut – Aloe Vera – Rose – Lemon… But also because they are gentle, which means free of chemicals, and preservatives, vegan, not tested on animals, and GMO-free (Non-genetically modified organisms, the problem of GMOs is the process of inserting genes into a DNA, which can disrupt the function of other genes).

A few years ago it was more difficult to find natural and organic skincare but now more supermarkets have them. Urtekram is available in Carrefour and Weleda also in Delhaize, DI,...


3 good reasons why you should replace sugar with other natural products or sweeteners:

  • Your brain will function more sharply

  • It will decrease the chances to have Alzheimer's and dementia – diabetes – certain cancers

  • Your skin will look better and younger & you will have more energy!!

Replace sugar cravings with fruit – vegetables or replace sugar with natural sweeteners like dates – sugar – coconut sugar – agave syrup – maple syrup.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still have your little sweet treat but take one with natural sugars like mentioned before.


I know for some people it’s more difficult to get started. But believe me, getting these 30min of exercise (walking/running/tennis/hockey) a day will change your life, skin, and self-love.

30 minutes includes the time you take to walk to work or the supermarket, the little walk around the park with your dog, etc..

The best thing to do is to have an achievable goal and to start slowly!

An important thing to know when doing exercises is to eat AFTER! I will soon tell you in more detail why – STAY TUNED.

Lots of kisses



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