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Vegan & Natural Hair Care

Taking care of my hair has always been very important to me! The most difficult part of finding the right products for your hair is finding natural products that can give you a professional result. Because most of the times, natural products can't give you that extra volume like you want it or the wave fix...

But I've found my all-time favorite products : Source Essentielle from L'Oréal Professionnel.

What I personally think is better about these products compared to other brands is that:

  • They bring together performance & naturality -- Which means that these products will have the same effects of professionnel non-natural shampoos while using natural ingredients.

  • They've also included different flowers into the bottle, which have been carefully chosen.

  • The bottle can also be refilled at your hairdresser. It's better for the environment, your wallet & it's so easy!

How I can see that those products work for my hair is:

  • I can notice more shine

  • My hair is stronger & grows faster

  • Normally I always have to blow dry my hair to get the fit I want but, with this shampoo & conditioner I can let it dry naturally -- I love this so much!

Oh and BTW , It smells soooooo good & natural, I love the flowers inside the bottles!!

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Xoxo Marie

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