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Workout/Yoga mat selection

Ready to work out, but.... you don't have a good mat to get started?

Here's a selection of perfect mats to work out, do yoga or pilates!

Things to take in account when ordering a mat:

  • Make sure the mat is thick enough, otherwise it will hurt when doing exercises. Minimum 4mm thick.

  • Make sure the mat is not too light, otherwise it will curl up at the ends and slide away when doing exercises.

  • Make sure to buy quality, otherwise you will have to buy a new one next month already!


Yoga mat specialist

For me, one of the best yoga mat brands.

The quality of the mats are insanely good. You will keep them forever.

Perfect to workout, for yoga & even hot yoga!

I recommend : prolite® yoga mat 4.7mm

Yogi friend who designs her mats!

Perfect lightweight mat. Exists in 3 colors.

Order your mat by contacting Victoria.

Decathlon selection:

Big sports store

Tapis Yoga Doux - Confort 8mm

Tapis Yoga Dynamique Grip+ 5mm Rose

Via BOL.COM you can also find great stuff.

Other equipment you can buy to complete your home work out :

- Foam roller - Good to relax your muscles when sore

Other questions?

Drop them below!

Lots of love,


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